Reborn Dolls For Adoption

We all have many memories from our childhood. My earliest memory is playing on my parents back patio with my tricycle. I must have only been around four years of age. I rode around mostly in circles and for some reason my memory is from an aerial perspective. Weird I know.

Childhood Memories

Another deep rooted memory from my childhood is my grandmother’s house when I was very young. I don’t really remember it all that much as I got older but when I was five or six I remember her living room was filled with a large variety of dolls on display. They were the kids of dolls that were like figurines. They stood, many on stands, and some were even encased in boxes. I remember walking around the room inspecting all the dolls every time we’d visit. They were very memorable to say the least.

A New Kind of Baby Doll

You can still get dolls like this to this day but a new kind of doll has entered the scene and if my Grandmother were still alive today I know she would have her share of reborn dolls. These are dolls that are handcrafted, hand painted, and typically custom designed by very talented doll artists. The whole point of these dolls is to create a lifelike doll that can be mistaken for or closely mimic the real thing. If you’ve ever seen one in person then you know just how amazing some of these talented artisans can be. The typical reborn doll looks just like a regular child; you have to look very closely to notice they are not the same.

Many reborn dolls are purchased directly from the artist who created it and many of these doll makers will custom make dolls for anyone based on their own parameters. Ethnicity, age, and physical features can be quite detailed and the look of a reborn doll will be very unique; everyone is significantly different.

Adopting Reborn Dolls

In fact many dolls are so well made that people don’t use the term “buy” or “own” with them, they adopt them. It’s a term used to mimic the lifelike illusion the dolls personify. You don’t just buy or acquire a reborn doll; you adopt it and it then lives with you.

Some people might find the concept of caring for a reborn doll a little creepy but in all honesty it’s a simple hobby that many people enjoy immensely. Well made reborn dolls are frequently designed with arms and legs that can be removed making it easier to change their clothes. Their joints can be positioned to put baby in any kind of pose you wish and the facial expressions are customizable at least during the creation process.

Attention to Details

Hair is one area that sets well made reborn baby dolls apart from the chaff. Hair rooting is a very difficult craft to master and while many sculptors may be able to make an amazing doll the best will have extremely lifelike hair. Some sculptors making dolls for adoption will work with accomplished hair rooters to get the look just right.

Why might you adopt a reborn doll? The reasons may be complex. Some people may want to adopt a reborn doll that memorializes a lost child. Others may simply like the hobby of doll collecting and want to include an extremely lifelike doll into their collection. Whatever the reasons maybe it’s worth giving a close look into reborn doll adoption because these dolls truly are beautiful and they certainly make for excellent conversation pieces.

Reborn baby dolls box opening